Czech WPC deckings

Composite deckings Terafest®

The Czech decking made of a composite material is beautiful, high quality and long lasting. At Woodplastic, we give each Terafest® board the due care. This starts with selecting quality wood from renewable sources and choosing non-toxic and recyclable virgin polyethylene. And we extrude the clean final product from the finished patented blend using precision laser technology.

Get to know Terafest® deckings

Decking board textures

Forest range

A look that evokes luxurious exotic wood

Natur range

The look of natural wood with year rings

Rustic range

Surface evocative of riven wood

Grove range

Grooved surface for increased safety

Smooth range

Smooth brushed surface for a timeless look

Terafest® lasts
More joy, less care

It can be a beautiful full-grain plank with a finish which is reminiscent of exotic wood. It can be a wide MAX board with a velvety smooth surface and fine grain which hides dirt. Thanks to the large selection of colour shades, it is a pleasure to choose from. Do you love light cedar wood? It feels like the sun always shines on your decking. Or do you prefer the luxurious ebony? The naturally looking colours of Terafest® boards were designed to match the environment you love. 

Whatever your choice, one thing is for sure: the decking from the proven Czech manufacturer will last for decades. It will always stay presentable, safe and pleasant to the touch. No splinters, breaking or discolouration. The Terafest® boards can withstand heavy strain. Not only are they minimally absorbent, but also resistant to pool chemicals and salt water. They don’t even mind intense and prolonged UV rays, heavy frost, layers of snow, dust, mud or grass debris.  

WPC deckings
The best solution for houses and swimming pools

Our boards are designed for indoor and outdoor installations for family houses, swimming pools, pergolas, conservatories, balconies, residential terraces, for the construction of footbridges and quayside piers or for the installation of street furniture. All of the products meet the strict criteria of the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) methodology which assesses the design and implementation of buildings with an emphasis on sustainability and their environmental performance.

Decking for generations
Advantages of wood-plastic

Products made of composite material are ideal for outdoor installation, because the WPC boards have the “self-cleaning” ability when exposed to the effects of UV rays and water. That is why the amount of rainfall and the intensity of sunlight affecting your decking strongly influence the frequency and procedures of maintenance.

The Terafest decking boards require no grading. However, a slight grading of about 1 cm per 1 m of length improves the self-cleaning effect, the decking dries up faster and the occurrence of water dust stains is reduced. A decking which is fully or partly covered, it has to be rinsed more frequently with larger amount of water. 

The shapeability of the material is yet another of its great advantages. Compared to WPC materials which contain, for instance, PVC, the Terafest® boards can be bent with heat (for example with a heat gun). This proves to be a considerable advantage for deckings with swimming pools which are circular or drop-shaped. You have to, however, work with caution to avoid burning the material. The boards with narrow profiles are the easiest to bend.   

Make an appointment
How to choose the right decking

Our clients come to us with an idea of what their decking should look like which is often stereotypical. The wood-plastic deckings offer endless colour options and you will be surprised by how original the final product can be.   

During a professional consultation, you will find out about the options offered by the composite material and which ones will be ideal for your project. An expert will visit you free of charge, advise you on the choice of boards, and help you with the design and calculation. He will, most importantly point out the practical details to you. What surface do you choose when your decking is partly covered?  How to make sure that the pollen from a nearby rape field isn’t visible on your decking? Which grooves to choose if you have conifers growing next to your decking? What laying plan will ensure the waste losses are minimized? We are here to answer all your questions.


Is Terafest worth it?
How much does a WPC decking cost?

The initial investment into a new decking made of composite material can be higher than, for example, European timber or hollow WPC. However, the great advantage of WPC deckings is that they require no surface maintenance. You don’t need to treat them against wood-decaying fungi or insect or oil them every year, like in the case of wooden decking.  They will still stay perfect for many years. The costs of composite wood are about 2,500 CZK per m2. The wooden decking costs about 500  to 800 CZK per m2, but you have to add the regular maintenance costs to this amount. Ultimately, you will find that the higher purchase price of composite boards will pay for itself in just 3 to 5 years. Take a look at the comparison guide which will give you a better idea of the advantages of composite deckings.  

The decking design, measurement and price calculation is always free and you can choose from our large network of certified partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


You ask us


Can I assemble the decking by myself?

Yes – if you carefully follow the installation instructions which you can find here.


Who will install my decking?

We have a broad network of certified installation partners who will prepare a price offer for you and install the decking professionally. You can find their list here:


Won’t my decking boards fade as a result of sunshine?

The Terafest® composite material is distinctive for its high colour stability. Although there are slight changes in colour and surface structure, no original colour character is lost throughout its lifetime. This colour maturation which is most intense in the first few months after installation, gives the deckings their natural look and patina. Terafest® contains approximately 60 % of wood (sawdust) which – being a natural material – reacts to impact of sunshine and water.  From the very first exposure of the boards to the weather conditions, the colour maturation process begins. The water, with the help of the sun, washes out lignin and tannin to the surface of the wood, causing the wood to gradually turn grey.   At the beginning of this process, the surface of the boards acquires a yellowish tinge, but this fades away relatively quickly. The speed of this process depends on the intensity of the sunlight and rainfall. The homogeneity across the decking depends on its orientation, roofing, covering with furniture etc. For this reason, we recommend not leaving any garden furniture, flowerpots, parasols, barbecues and other accessories on the decking for the first couple of month, but moving them around constantly. For covered deckings, it is advisable to replace the rain effects with more frequent washing with water.  The time of maturation is about 3 to 6 months for an open decking and one year for a covered one. After this period, the board surface acquires a final shade which does not change any more, unless it is mechanically damaged.


How shall I treat the decking?

The Terafest® composite material installed outdoors requires no further impregnation, staining or painting. The only maintenance you need is an occasional rinse with water. However, we recommend a more intensive cleaning at least twice a year, to remove the dust, pollen and other organic dirt. A brush (not a wire brush), soap and water or common household detergents are sufficient for normal cleaning. Special detergents for WPC material are also available. The risk of slipping is also significantly reduced at a well-maintained decking, especially when it’s wet. Always make sure the joints between the boards are clean, as they are used to let water drain easily and to ventilate the moisture from the underside of the decking. This recommendation is especially valid for the TOP profile with the joints between the boards covered. 


What is the warranty?

The extended warranty of 25 years for the TERAFEST® products applies to all composite wood products against wood-decaying fungi, rot and insects under standard conditions. For all other cases, the warranty of 60 months applies. Under this warranty, we will replace damaged products. If the product in question is no longer manufactured, we will replace it with a similar product. No other financial or other compensation can be claimed under this warranty. The installation and all other work and costs associated with the replacement of the cladding profiles are exempt from this warranty.